The IWW FJU is a union for all freelance journalists, bloggers, and other writers in the news media. Join us today! You have nothing to lose but your unpaid invoices!

Dues Level

Industrial Union

Please make sure that your mailing address and email address in your PayPal account are up-to-date before joining.

By clicking "Join the IWW FJU," you are affirming that you are a worker and not an employer, and that you agree to abide by the Constitution of the IWW and the bylaws of the New York City Printing and Publishing Workers Industrial Union Branch 450, and to study its principles and acquaint yourself with its purposes.

*Please note: Your Dues Level is determined by your total monthly income from all income sources. If you earn additional income that is not from freelance work, please include it in your dues calculation.

Why join the IWW FJU?

The IWW FJU is a group of freelance journalists, bloggers, and other writers in news media from all around the world, organizing to improve our working conditions and assert our rights. Joining the IWW FJU means organizing with us — collectively identifying our interests, determining our tactics, and taking action — as well as financially supporting our efforts through your dues. The IWW FJU is entirely driven by volunteers, so your dues are reserved to cover the material needs of organizing, such as the cost of logistics, and all spending must be democratically approved by members like you. To learn more, please contact us.

Who can join the IWW FJU?

As long as you are a worker — not an employer — you can join the IWW FJU. Members of other unions (except officers), students, and retirees may also join.

Selecting your dues level

You can select your dues level based on your current monthly income. Your first month as a member will include an initiation fee that is the equivalent of your dues rate. A breakdown of our current dues rate can be found below, as well as on page 26 of the IWW's constitution.

Getting your Red Card and stamps

After signing up through this website, you will receive your membership card, or "Red Card," with your first month's stamp and some introductory material in the mail. Every month that your dues are paid online, you will receive a stamp in the mail to place in your Red Card to indicate that you are a member in good standing.

Becoming involved in organizing

After becoming a member, we encourage you to engage with fellow IWW FJU members via our listserv and monthly call, to which you will be added. We also encourage you to join us at local events, details for which will be shared over the listserv.

Dues level breakdown

Online dues are processed using PayPal. Read PayPal's privacy policy.