The IWW FJU is a relatively new organization, so there are understandably lots of questions about who we are, what we’re doing, and more. Many of these are answered below, but if you find yourself still wanting to learn more, please email us at [email protected].

1. What is the IWW FJU?

2. What is the IWW?

3. What is the relationship between the IWW and the IWW FJU?

4. What are the goals of the IWW FJU?

5. What is the IWW FJU offering members?

6. How long has the IWW FJU existed?

7. How does the IWW FJU relate to other freelance organizing groups?

8. How much are dues?

9. Does the IWW FJU offer health insurance?

10. What is my status in the IWW FJU if I do not become a dues-paying member?

11. Is the IWW FJU only for “hard” journalists, as opposed to critics, essayists, and photojournalists?

12. Is it safe to disclose my involvement in the IWW FJU publicly?

13. How can I get involved if there is no IWW branch near me?

14. Can people from outside the United States participate?

15. If I am already an IWW member, how do I become a member of the IWW FJU?

16. How does the IWW FJU plan to organize such a large and decentralized group of workers?

17. How does the IWW FJU plan to deter “unintentional scabbing” — i.e. freelancers working for publications that are known to be abusive, but are not facing any official labor action?

18. How does the IWW FJU plan to tackle issues that have hurt freelancers organizing in the past, such as price-fixing regulations?

19. How should I talk to my colleagues about the IWW FJU?

20. What are the best ways I can currently help the IWW FJU?

21. How can I transfer my membership from another section of the IWW to the FJU?