If you discover that your footage has been downloaded from your Twitter account and re-uploaded to an aggregator without your consent, there is something that you can do about it — and it’s fairly painless.

Duplication of video footage and photography without your consent is a violation of US copyright law, and you are within your rights to file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice directly with Twitter. You will need to have the URL of the Tweet, Fleet, or Periscope that features your stolen footage and the URL of your original Tweet.

  1. The best way to do this is on a computer (rather than a mobile device), though you can find the necessary form via the Twitter app as well. To file a copyright infringement claim, go to: https://help.twitter.com/forms/dmca
  2. You’ll first fill out the form with your personal information, which includes a valid mailing address. If you are uncertain about using your own address, please contact the Industrial Workers of the World Freelance Journalists Union: [email protected].
  3. You’ll then fill out the URL of the relevant original footage and a description of the work.
  4. Once you’ve done that, fill out the URL to the ripped footage. You’ll have to insert the URLs one at a time, with a description of each infringement.
  5. If you have multiple instances of theft, you can include them all in the same form. Just hit “Yes” under “Adding more to report” and fill out the next URL.
  6. Once you’ve added all of the relevant information, you can submit the form. A receipt will be sent to the email address you provided, and an update on Twitter’s determination will follow.