Elizabeth King’s Twitter account reinstated following mass reporting by fascists

On November 8, freelance journalist and Industrial Workers of the World Freelance Journalists Union (IWW FJU) member Elizabeth King’s Twitter account, @elizabcking, was suspended following coordinated mass reporting by fascists aiming to silence critical reporters. Despite not violating the platform’s terms of service, King was nevertheless informed by Twitter that the suspension was permanent.

At King’s request, the IWW FJU began tweeting in support of them from the union’s account, @IWWFJU, on November 10. These tweets, and other similar messages, were liked and shared widely in a grassroots outpouring of support from journalists, unionists, and anti-fascists.

On November 11, Twitter reversed their previous ruling on the suspension after determining for the second time that King’s account had not violated any rules.

The IWW FJU thanks all of those who spoke out in support of King. We also encourage any journalist targeted by fascists to reach out to us directly at [email protected]. We are here to support you because we wholeheartedly adhere to the IWW’s motto: “An Injury to One is an Injury to All.”