IWW FJU Establishes Solidarity Strike Fund

The Industrial Workers of the World Freelance Journalists Union is proud to announce that we have voted to create a Solidarity Strike Fund.

Whenever a publication’s staff union goes on strike, the IWW FJU will offer $120 (eight hours of work at $15 an hour) per pre-commissioned story to every dues-paying IWW FJU member who resolves not to file with that publication until the strike is over.

Solidarity strikes, also known as secondary strikes, are technically illegal in the United States. However, US labor law does not recognize freelancers as workers — meaning the prohibition on solidarity strikes should not apply to us. The IWW FJU Solidarity Strike Fund will thus intentionally heighten the contradictions in US labor law, while providing material support to fellow freelancers in the process.

Any dues-paying IWW FJU member who fulfills the aforementioned criteria can request support from the Solidarity Strike Fund by emailing the IWW FJU Admin Committee.

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