GoFundMe Shutters Fundraiser for Palestinian Journalists

On December 7, GoFundMe suddenly shut down a fundraiser by the Industrial Workers of the World Freelance Journalists Union benefiting the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, a member of the International Federation of Journalists.

The fundraiser had been running since October 14, enabling the IWW FJU to raise $26,644.45 for the PJS to provide protective equipment for journalists in Palestine, at least 61 of whom have been killed in the ongoing war, according to the IFJ. The IWW FJU was able to send the PJS $20,564.24 before GoFundMe put a hold on the fundraiser. GoFundMe now refuses to release the remaining $6,080.21 pledged by donors, citing unspecified “laws and regulations.”

Over the course of the fundraiser, the IWW FJU received a dozen requests for further information from GoFundMe, all of which were answered as thoroughly and in as timely a manner as possible, given the ongoing war. The decision by GoFundMe to nevertheless shut down the fundraiser can only be understood as part of the mass repression currently targeting all those demonstrating solidarity with the people of Palestine.

The IWW FJU refuses to allow our solidarity to be undermined. We will be exploring whatever legal recourse may be available to us to appeal GoFundMe’s decision. In the meantime, we thank everyone who donated to our fundraiser; encourage our members, supporters and others to continue giving to the IFJ’s ongoing fundraiser for the PJS; and express our resolve to live up to the IWW’s motto: Solidarity Forever!

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