In Solidarity with Journalists in Los Angeles Reporting on Protests Against Israeli Real Estate Sales

The Industrial Workers of the World Freelance Journalists Union condemns the targeted violence against journalists reporting on protests in Los Angeles on June 23. Several journalists, including Jewish ones, reporting on the protests against Israeli real estate sales were attacked, harassed and had their equipment damaged or stolen by Zionist extremists, while filming those extremists assaulting protesters. Several journalists were targeted online before the protest, some of whom were later assaulted or harassed. In other words: This was a blatant, calculated attempt to harm journalists and undermine press freedom.

The IWW FJU also condemns the vile threats of sexual assault and violence by Zionists against women journalists in particular. The targeting of women should have no place anywhere — not in Los Angeles nor in Gaza. Any failure by elected officials to acknowledge as much contributes to further violence in the future. No journalist should experience unsafe working conditions, especially when elected officials claim to support the freedom of the press.

The IWW FJU condemns statements made by President Joe Biden, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass and other politicians who falsely described yesterday’s violence as “anti-Semitism,” which sets a dangerous precedent justifying violence towards both journalists and protesters. The protests on June 23 were organized against real estate sales in Israel and Israeli-occupied Palestine, not against Judaism. Failure to acknowledge Zionist violence is a cowardly stance that continues to fuel assaults against reporters and others, both in the United States and Palestine.

The ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza has murdered entire family lines and resulted in the largest mass-killing of reporters in history. We have an obligation to our Palestinian colleagues to stand against the ongoing violence to their communities, whether through bombs or real estate transactions.

The IWW FJU stands in solidarity with our fellow journalists who were attacked, harassed and targeted. We call on elected officials to overcome their cowardice and condemn such violence. We also call on other labor unions, media organizations and independent journalists to stand against this calculated assault on the press and press freedoms. News outlets in particular should cease framing such violence as “anti-Semitic” and instead acknowledge Zionist violence against reporters and protesters alike. Journalists affected by these events should contact the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker to report their experiences. Any journalists seeking further resources should contact us directly at [email protected].

As always, we echo the perennial motto of the IWW: An injury to one is an injury to all!

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